Saturday, September 5, 2009

M.I.P. (Many Injuries are Permanent) + CONICAL SIXTIES BRA + Ban L.A.


Vampire Nazi child monastic or abbey ales on front porch playing cigarette cocaine cat and mouse game (poorly, I my tad) Ancient tradition with conventional navy blue madras
Wine production sphere on Chris-10’s birth of epicurean
Delight Conventionally referred to as a Singel day.

“I,” I told my daughter who has nothing but good intentions, “hope that you can never clean in a group but will glady do my part fighting and doubling the problems of his day killing Nazi children left over from the fall of Soviet hero quest”

and right then, in
Rotten New

[all burrows must be applied for 2001 tentative 3onion]

That side of pair of eyes while vampiric Nazi blonde plays kick the can cigar games with little box of hard-boiled fiction templates. Latch came loose and bacon raped dyke’s char-grilled friction templates came loose catch as catch can catch vampire she-wolf Nazi Paraguay hide-out.

Nicotine overrides desire to exterminate.


Noah’s Arc.

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